Jewelry In Famous Art

Many times, when we view art, we view it as a whole unit. We see the whole picture, sometimes glossing over the fine and intricate details.
Some paintings have raised impasto, or paint texture, to catch the light.
Some have bright gold gilding to add depth to a frame. But more often than not,
the small details are what make the piece dimensional.
Jewelry, for example, has enhanced famous paintings and works of fine art for as long as art has been around.
One of the most famous examples of jewelry as a statement in a piece of art is from Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring. Although a simple portrait, this classic piece creates a mysterious tone with the
dark background and expression from the subject.
A bright, single pearl earring dangles from the woman's ear,
making it a shining focal point of the whole piece.
Usually, the subject of the piece is the main focus, and what our eyes
instantly go to, however, some portraiture focuses on the accessories the subject is wearing.
Jewelry in Art
In this regal portrait of Elizabeth I by Marcus Gheeraerts the Young, called
The Ditchley Portrait, the jewelry she dons is anything but subtle.
The monarch is shown with long, extravagant pearls, a classic symbol for purity, godliness, and power - and that's exactly how she wanted to be showcased.
Jewelry in Art
In Boticelli's Portrait of a Young Woman, the subject wears a large cameo pendant, know to be part of the Medici jewelry collection.
Her necklace helps portray the simple beauty of this Florentine woman,
with pearls lining her coifed hair as well.
Jewelry in Art
By 1907, the artist Klimpt released Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer,
which reinvented the use of gold and lavish color and symbols in portraiture.
Bloch-Bauer was a wealthy woman of society, and became acquainted with Klimpt in 1903.

She became fully immortalized in her portrait,
dripping in gold and diamonds from the thick cuffs on her neck and wrist.
The unique jewelry she wears mirrors the soon to come Art Deco movement,
slowly on the rise in the early 20th century.
Jewelry in Art
Whether pearls, detailed pendants, or opulent gold cuffs, jewelry has been an active symbol of class, power, and ideal values throughout the ages.
Art is a perfect example of a mini time capsule; it shows the trends and
history of the world as they were happening.
Fashion and jewelry are never exempt from this, as what’s ‘in style’ is constantly changing. With a small glimpse at these art pieces, we can get a general idea on how jewelry influenced the aura that the subject possesses.
A small pearl can shift the tone of a whole painting,
just as receiving beautiful jewelry can cause our mood to shift, too.
The Gem Collection has an incredible Estate Jewelry department
and a large range of different pieces.
Here, you can find jewelry similar to those found in these famous works of art.

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