Custom Services and Repairs

At The Gem Collection we do more than sell beautiful jewelry and gemstones. Our experienced jewelers provide in-house jewelry repairs and custom services. 

Custom Design

Create a piece of jewelry from scratch with the help of our Designer and Master Jeweler. Redesign an existing piece of jewelry or heirloom to incorporate custom elements.

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Repair & Restoration

Fine jewelry that is worn frequently will eventually need some type of repair. These services include: retipping, replacing prongs, polishing out scratches, re-rhodium plating of white gold, replacing worn shanks, soldering broken chains, and tightening loose stones…We do it all!

Whether it’s a simple jewelry repair or a custom designed piece, we provide all our customers the same level of care, expertise and courtesy.

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Resetting & Restyling

We redesign, remount and combine multiple pieces of jewelry to create one exquisite piece. You can upgrade your wedding set for an anniversary and use the original stones for a new ring or we can create a new piece of jewelry.

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Jewelry Care Tips

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