Jewelry Care Tips

BEFORE working in the garden, don't forget to take off your jewelry. Dirt and grit can get between the metal setting and the stone, making the jewelry look dull and potentially scratching the gemstone and the metal.

REMOVE jewelry before ging in the pool. Many chemicals, including chlorine, can damage and discolor precious metals, and may also harm colored, soft and/or porous gemsstones. For example: Pearls, ops, turquoise, etc.

BEWARE of think bands! Thin rings are trending and we are seeing a rise in reshaping and replacing missing stones on these delicate bands. When shopping for a ring, we recommend a minimum width of 1.5mm.

Click here to see an example of what could happen if your band is too thin.

DON'T wear your rings to the gym. You could scratch them on the hard, abrasive surfaces; you also run the risk of bending or mishaping the shank of the ring. You could even chip a stone.

Click here to see an example of what could happen if you wear your rings to the gym.

CHEMICALS and jewelry don't mix! Many chemicals found in cleaners can damage your gold and silver jewelry, as well as gemstones. Chemicals may cause cracks and breaks as they weaken the bonds between alloys and allowing deterioration and pitting of the metal.

NEVER leave jewelry on the counter near a drain. Your treasured pieces could be lost forever or get destroyed in your garbage disposal.

DON"T wear your jewelry to the beach! Salt water can damage some stones and metals. Also, your fingers can constrict in cold water which means your rings can easily slide off and get lost in the ocean floor. Don't let your ring become someone's found buried treasure!

IF you bump your jewelry, drop it on the ground or snag it on fabric, have it inspected for damage that you may not notice. If these damages are not addressed they can worsen over time. You could also lose your stone.

REMOVE jewelry before using lotions and creams. The lotion will build up under your stone and in the creases of the metal and make it look hazy, cloudy and can stain pourous gemstones like turquoise and pearls.