You want to store your jewelry in individual compartments in a jewelry box or in soft pouches. This is so the pieces don't scratch each other.

Click here for Spa Treatment details.

We recommend getting a Spa Treatment every one to two years, unless your piece is dull, scratched, damaged, etc.

A Spa Treatment costs: $50 for yellow gold and $90 for white gold.

The number of times a ring can be sized depends on the design and thickness of the ring. Please visit us in-store to speak with a salesperson for a review of the ring.

We recommend insuring any piece of jewelry valued at $2000 or more, but it is ultimately up to the customer.

We recommend Jeweler's Mutual Insurance for insuring your jewelry.

We recommend every 6 months to have your jewelry cleaned and checked. If you feel your ring may have been damaged prior to 6 months, bring it to The Gem Collection asap.

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that are grown in a lab rather than mined.

Currently we only change batteries on most watches. We do not service them.

In general, turquoise with a robin's egg blue color is preferred. Unusual colors like yellow-green and pure green are in demand for use in inlay jewelry.

Our Independent Jewelry Appraiser is in the store and takes appointments on Wednesday mornings from 10am to noon. The appraiser also comes in on Fridays but does not take appointments (so you may drop off your items). These appraisals are for insurance purposes.

Insurance appraisals start at $95.00 per item and go up from there depending on the complexity of each piece.

We are currently looking to purchase diamonds 1.00ct and over, fine vintage jewelry and Rolex watches.

If you are looking to sell your jewelry, you will need to make an appointment with our buyer-Graduate Jeweler/Gemologist.

If you need to find out if several or more pieces of jewelry are real, and you are not looking to sell them, you will need to set up a sorting appointment with our buyer-Graduate Jeweler/Gemologist.

The first 15 minutes of a sorting appointment are free. The cost for each additional 15 minutes is $25.

We are able to cut most rings off a client's finger however, we must see it first. We work on precious metals. Tungston and Titanium are NOT precious metals.  We can USUALLY cut off and repair gold, silver, and platinum rings.  We can USUALLY cut off Titanium rings, but we cannot repair them once cut off. We CANNOT cut off Tungston rings. Tungsten rings are a type of ring that can only be removed with vice grips and locking pliers. Most emergency personnel have these tools, as well as your local emergency rooms, so please seek help there. If your finger is bleeding or infected you must go to a medical facility for biohazard reasons. We should be able to give you a quote on the repair during your visit. If your finger is injured or swollen you may want to let it heal for a few weeks after the ring is cut off before you decide on a new ring size. Any of the sales professionals can assist you.