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Wow!  When you look back at all that has happened from February of 2020 to Valentine’s Day of 2021,
well, what can I say that you don’t already know.

Diamond Heart Necklace by Designer Gabriel & Co.

That’s why this year, of all years, is a Valentine’s Day to celebrate the people we love and tell them how special they are,
how much we appreciate them and how we realize that life without them would not be the same.

Blue Sapphire Pendant and Chain

Now is the perfect time for quiet dinners and honest, heartfelt celebrations of our love for each other.
Jewelry is a lasting way to commemorate our gratitude.
Roses and candy are fun… but fleeting. Jewelry is personal. Jewelry is meaningful.

Diamond Fulfillment Pendant by Designer Hearts on Fire

There is jewelry to fit every budget. More so than most gifts, jewelry says:
I went out of my way to do something thoughtful out of appreciation for you.

Round Ruby and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

So whether it is your amazing spouse or significant other – the Mother-in-law that has
gone above and beyond to help with homeschooling the kids,
or the best friend who has brought you meals when you were ill –
Valentine’s Day 2021 is the perfect year to communicate our gratitude and love.

So Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!  From the bottom of our hearts.

Written by: Amy Hinson

Amy’s lifetime love affair with jewelry led her to The Gem Collection eight years ago. The Gem Collection features beautiful jewelry by a number of designers, as well as custom creations and an amazing selection of estate jewelry. Amy delights in working with her customers to find just the right piece for any occasion.