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How did the Tennis Bracelet get its name?
1.14 Tdw Diamond Bezel Tennis Bracelet

During the nationally televised 1987 US Open, professional tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond eternity bracelet. The clasp had come undone while playing a vigorous game point and before continuing, she requested the officials to pause the game to look for her diamond bracelet. And so, the “Diamond Eternity” or “Diamond Line” bracelet became known as the “Tennis Bracelet”. Sales in diamond tennis bracelets skyrocketed after the event and the Tennis bracelet became iconic.

Tennis Bracelet Designs

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis BraceletTennis bracelets are flexible, and usually designed with diamonds. This style of bracelet can also be set with colored stones or a combination of diamonds and colored stones. The stones are approximately the same size and are measured by their total carat weight rather than their individual weight. This classic staple can have so many variations from the setting style of the stones to the shape of the stones. Diamond tennis bracelets are often designed with a two part clasp such as a box clasp with a figure 8 safety catch on each side. This ensures that in case one part loosens or breaks, the bracelet is still secure. When selecting a tennis bracelet, the general rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit one finger between the bracelet and the wrist for the perfect fit.

Taking Care of Your Tennis Bracelet

14K White Gold Diamond Tennis BraceletHave the bracelet checked routinely by a jeweler to make sure the clasp, safety catch, and mountings are secure. Periodically clean the bracelet to maintain the shine and sparkle. Hand lotion application, dish washing, showering and gardening are not recommended while wearing your bracelet as this will cause unnecessary residue build up wear.

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Written by: Aurora Freeland

A proud alumni of FSU’s Retail Entrepreneur Program, Aurora is a VIP here at The Gem Collection. As our Inventory Manager, Aurora oversees our vast array of jewelry.  She has her finger on the heartbeat of customer trends and fashion.