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Gold Leaf Kenzie Corset Cuff by Designer Evocateur

SKU: 001-850-00048

22K Gold Leaf Kenzie Corset 2″ Cuff by Evocateur Jewelry

Evocateur’s collection of alluring, art-driven jewelry fuses innovative design with glamorous sophistication. Evocateur’s jewelry features 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf. The designs reflect a love of the traditional and ancient, blended with the modern and contemporary. The jewelry’s inimitable style features striking images inspired by old world civilizations, African safaris, romantic impressionistic gardens, as well as abstract renderings and whimsical designs. Other pieces are embellished with authentic hand-set vintage treasures from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. Capturing the art and luxury of handmade jewelry, each piece becomes a modern heirloom, evoking memories and stories. Collected and coveted by women worldwide, Evocateur celebrates modern style with an eternally chic aesthetic.

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