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At The Gem Collection we do more than sell beautiful jewelry and gemstones. Our experienced jewelers provide in-house jewelry repairs and custom services. 

Our in-house jewelry designers can create a fine piece of jewelry that is perfect for you.


What We Do

Custom Design

Create a piece of jewelry from scratch with the help of our Designer and Master Jeweler. Redesign an existing piece of jewelry or heirloom to incorporate custom elements. 

Repairs & Restoration

Fine jewelry that is worn frequently will eventually need some type of repair. These services include: retipping, replacing prongs, polishing out scratches, re-rhodium plating of white gold, replacing worn shanks, soldering broken chains, and tightening loose stones…We do it all!

Whether it’s a simple jewelry repair or a custom designed piece, we provide all our customers the same level of care, expertise and courtesy.

Click here to see before and after repair pictures.

Resetting & Restyling

We redesign, remount and combine multiple pieces of jewelry to create one exquisite piece. You can upgrade your wedding set for an anniversary and use the original stones for a new ring or we can create a new piece of jewelry.

Spa Treatment



Signature Spa service Includes:

Inspection of settings, heads, prongs and stones with a 10X binocular microscope

Ultrasonically clean

May use a soft brush to assist in cleaning

Steam out dirt (excluding sensitive gems)

Hand check each stone for tightness

Tighten any loose stones

Round out ring

Refinish to remove scratches and polish

Rhodium refinishing (white gold only)

Polish ring to a shine with a high-speed buff

Other Services Include:

  • Custom Designs
  • Free Inspection for Wear and Tear
  • written appraisals by gemologist
  • master jeweler on premises
  • Pearl and bead restringing
  • Most Major Credit Cards Accepted

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