Classic Blue




A shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk, Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as the 2020 Color of the Year. Selecting this color of tranquility, reassurance, and connection in a world of instability, Laurie Pressman, VP of Pantone Color Institute said this of this hue of choice, “It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next. What’s the future going to bring as we move into the evening hours?” (Source)

Because blue pigments and dyes can often be difficult to create, it also promotes a sense of patience. In many cultures, blue was made by crushed gemstones such as lapis lazuli and azurite. Blue Sapphire is the purest gemstone example, with it’s rich unadulterated color.  They are known as the stone of sincerity, truth, and faithfulness. London blue topaz & Lapis lazuli share similar color traits.

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