Jewelry for centuries has been a form of self expression.  A person’s jewelry collection is sentimental, and will represent memories from their lifetime.

Pandora understood the importance of jewelry and had a vision in creating jewelry so that women could express their true uniqueness.  They wanted to do this in a way that customers could collect jewelry representing many important memories. That’s when, in 2000, Pandora’s iconic snake chain charm bracelet was born, and a variety of handcrafted charms was created to fit this iconic charm bracelet.

Collecting charms is like collecting memories

Pandora charms are great meaningful gifts to any lady in your life, girlfriend, wife, Mom, sister, co-worker, and it all starts with the “moments” bracelet. Pandora charms can commemorate her passions, celebrations, life events, and many other things that are important to her. Many charms are simply beautiful colored designs that compliment the meaningful charms.

Over the past four years working at The Gem Collection I have learned so much about Pandora Jewelry, and the emotional connection that people can have with jewelry.  That’s why I think the Pandora Iconic charm bracelets are truly a great gift to give.  You can add special “moments” (charms) onto your bracelet that will tell a story.  I love learning about people’s passions, hobbies, pets, and being able to find the perfect piece to represent what makes them happy.  

I have many great memories of helping people shop to commemorate important events in their life.  One in particular that will always remain with me. During the first year I worked in Pandora at The Gem Collection. A gentleman came in to buy the iconic Pandora charm bracelet with some charms because his wife has always wanted one, and she was battling cancer.  They didn’t know how much longer she had to live, but he wanted to make sure he got the perfect Pandora gift for her.  He picked out a bracelet that had a sparkling clasp because he described her as the light of his life, and how she lights up every room she’s in. Then we chose the essential clips to go onto the bracelet, and the charms that represented her life.  He described that she loved the beach, and of course Pandora has a variety of beach charms to choose from.  As we looked through we found a charm (now retired) that had a palm tree, and some handset pink enamel in the background to represent sunsets, and the back of the charm said “Live in the Sunshine”  The gentleman teared up knowing his wife would love this bracelet, and the sentiment of the message. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful wife.  She announced that she was finally cancer free, and she wanted to add more charms to represent what she was grateful for in her life.  She told me that the bracelet her husband gave her helped her get through those difficult years. This all started with a bracelet, and the memories will last forever.

Every moment in life is worth celebrating, and I think there is no better way to express those special moments than through Pandora Jewelry like they have for the past 20 years.

Come in to see our Pandora Specialists to share your unforgettable moments with Pandora Jewelry.

Written by: Abby Crane



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Abby is our Pandora Manager and has been with The Gem Collection for four years. She specializes in providing individual attention to her customers jewelry needs. Abby is also a Tallahassee native! She loves her community and enjoys putting together donations for local non-profit organization events here in Tallahassee from The Gem Collection.