Tracy Arrington

"Art, in any form, is a very personal statement. A piece of handcrafted jewelry should speak to you, light up your eyes, and give you confidence in your own special beauty."

Tracy Arrington combines classic elegance with contemporary style in a collection of luxurious, feminine designs that are effortlessly wearable. Launched in 2012, her successful namesake line adheres to the belief that well-crafted designer jewelry should be accessible to all and does not have to be made from solid gold for every woman who wears it to look and feel beautiful. "I love the look of gold contrasted with the deep gray of darkened silver," says Tracy, of her signature materials, "it has such a rich feel that appeals to a sophisticated, savvy consumer." 

Every piece of Tracy Arrington jewelry is hand-fabricated in her studio in Apopka, FL. Highly-trained metalsmiths and artisans create each design with precision and careful attention to detail. Tracy lives in Central Florida with Olivia, her talkative Ragdoll cat who loves to keep her company while working in the studio.