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The term Bohemian, or, “boho” for short, describes a lifestyle or fashion sense that is socially unconventional in an artistic way.  I don’t know about you, but that describes a lot of my friends!  Boho jewelry has an easy breezy feel that is informal, organic and beautiful.  It references ancient patterns and designs that give off an “old soul” vibe.   If you are a boho kind of girl – or need to buy a gift for someone who is – here are three jewelry designers you will want to check out at The Gem Collection.
(Insert photos of Robin Haley jewelry)
Songwriter turned jewelry designer Robin Haley, creates handcrafted jewelry based on coins and other ancient symbols in sterling silver and 14 kt yellow gold.  Working from her Nashville studio, some pieces have diamond accents and all come with a symbolic sentiment card for the wearer . For example, the quotation that comes with the Gratitude Star design states “When we are grateful for everything we have, life continues to bring us more and more abundance.  It’s a beautiful law of the universe”.  and yes, her jewelry is as beautiful as it sounds…..
(Insert photos of Anna Beck jewelry)
Designer Anna Beck uses traditional Balinese jewelry making techniques to craft sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces.  Her jewelry features matching sets of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets with labrodorite, turquoise, moonstone, onyx and other accent stones.  Her pieces compliment casual attire from peasant tops and jeans to sun dresses and everything in between.
(Insert photos of Tracy Arrington jewelry)
If you are looking for an airy or dainty look, nothing says Summertime like jewelry from St. Augustine artist Tracy Arrington!  She specializes in handmade fine chain jewelry with tiny freshwater pearl and stone bead accents.  These unique minimalist pieces provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  They also make an ideal gift for a graduating senior!