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Hi there September babies!  This is your month to shine!  You are so fortunate because your birthstone, Sapphire, is the most popular of all the colored stones. In fact, surveys taken all over the world rank blue as the most favorite of all colors!  Intense, velvety royal blue is the most highly prized shade of sapphire – but this natural gem also comes in purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, black and colorless. The rarest hue of sapphire is an orangey pink called padparadscha (which means lotus flower).

From a fashion standpoint, it would be fair to say that blue is flattering to most everyone. Long considered a calming color representing strength, spirituality, and wisdom, beautiful blue never goes out of style. In fact, due to its popularity and durability, sapphire is often chosen as an alternative to diamonds for engagement and wedding rings.  We all remember Princess Diana’s engagement ring – later given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. Iconic sapphire jewelry is not just for royals, but is often handed down as an heirloom in many families.

I guess my point is – if you don’t have a sapphire piece in your jewelry collection, you may want to consider adding it to your wardrobe.  It’s beautiful, sparkly, and durable enough for daily wear and a fashion classic.  September is a great month to seek out sapphire jewelry as stores such as The Gem Collection (hint hint) increase their inventory to prepare for birthday celebrations.  So whether you are thinking of a beautiful ring, earrings or perhaps a sapphire pendant now is the perfect time to find out what you’ve been missing!


Written by: Amy Hinson

Amy’s lifetime love affair with jewelry led her to The Gem Collection eight years ago. The Gem Collection features beautiful jewelry by a number of designers, as well as custom creations and an amazing selection of estate jewelry. Amy delights in working with her customers to find just the right piece for any occasion.