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Formerly known as Ed Levin Jewelry, E.L. Designs is considered the oldest and largest hand-crafted jewelry manufacturer in the United States. Born in 1950, creators Ed and Ruth Levin first brought Ed’s visions to life on the stove top of their New York apartment. Ed Levin had an extensive range of skills that included painting, sculpting and ceramic works. He even took on the tasks of inventing machines, tools and processes to enhance the creativity in his jewelry making. In 1968, Ed and his wife moved their business to Cambridge, NY where it still thrives today.

Here are five reasons why I love E.L. Designs‘ jewelry:

  • Designs: Whether you’re a musician, an aspiring artist, or a working mom, their pieces are fashionable, universal and easy to wear. Often times one bracelet, earring, necklace or ring style has an array of other options to choose from such as metal color and gemstone. But it gets even better; some of their swing bracelets also have a hidden word that can only be seen when opening the bracelet. These charming pieces can convey a meaningful message for your loved ones and still coordinate flawlessly with their existing jewelry collection. Click here to see how the swing bracelet works.
  • Craftsmanship: E.L. Designs uses only the finest, highest quality material. Every piece is hand-crafted to perfection and comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty. They have also been designing and producing jewelry for over 70 years! They truly are master artists who take pride in their work.
  • Functionality: What is really cool and fun with E.L. Designs jewelry is how their swing bracelets easily open and close for an effortless result. But they didn’t stop there; they carried this concept into their necklaces as well. You know how fashion stylists often suggest how you can take an item of clothing and make subtle changes to transform it from a day to night look? Well, imagine that with jewelry. They have swing necklaces that can be altered into two different looks with one simple motion.
  • Meaning: They do take the time in their designs and often elaborate the meaning behind the name. For example, their Anticipation bracelet represents the feeling of waiting for a message to come through. They also have their Hope bracelet which is a swing bracelet with the word “Hope” hidden on the swing function.

Written by: Aurora Freeland

A proud alumni of FSU’s Retail Entrepreneur Program, Aurora is a VIP here at The Gem Collection. As our Inventory Manager, Aurora oversees our vast array of jewelry.  She has her finger on the heartbeat of customer trends and fashion.